Despatch Times

Can you tell me exactly when my order will be despatched?

All orders are printed to order.  The time between when you place and order and when your items are printed depends upon which items you order and the date you place your order.  As a result we can’t be specific about when your order will leave our premises, we can only tell you inside what timeframes we would expect to despatch your order.

We would expect that most orders will leave us within around a week of being received although it can take up to 2 weeks in some cases.


We produce a wide variety of products which are often printed in quite different ways.  For example all of our greetings cards will be printed on a digital printing press, cut and then formed into cards prior to packaging.  However tea towels are first printed to a paper carrying sheet and are then pressed into the surface of the towel using a combination of heat and pressure through a specialist machine.

Some processes (tea towels, mugs, coasters, teddies amongst other products) have a significant overhead in terms of setup and take down times which means it is inefficient to run them everyday.  As a result of this not all products are printed everyday, in fact different products are printed on different days on a relatively fixed schedule (it’s not completely fixed because it depends upon the volume of what types of products we have received orders in respect of).  This maximises the efficiency of our internal processes which generally speeds up the despatch of orders.  However it does mean we do not always know exactly when a given order will leave our premises!